60: Stand for Something

Diarra Imani is a first-gen Jamaican graduate who experienced the education system differently and consequently created Star Seed & Co., dedicated to curricula & workshop Development, where she curates curricula and programs for adult educators, community members, and the youth.  She is a dedicated teaching artist as well. She uses Royal Third Apparel, a point […]


59: Walking Into New Chapters of Life

Life is filled with so many transitions… so much change and all of the time. While we can expect the changes to happen, we don’t always realize what those changes will mean to us once things settle—we don’t actually “feel it” until things settle. So, during the many changes and transitions of your own life, […]


58: Don’t Waste Time

Leander D. Williams, Jr. always wanted to be a lawyer. In his mind, it was the thing to do–a way out of poverty and a path to financial freedom. However, he’d made it to law school (a dream realized) just to find it was no longer the dream. Still, he graduated from the University of […]