64: “Here I am, and I am Okay.”

Brenda Valadez a 23-year-old homeowner who paid off her student debts four months after graduating. Currently, Brenda works as both a Client Relations Coordinator for an economic firm and College and Career Advisor for Students Rising Above. In her spare time, she’s enjoying life with her amazing fiance and engaging in a little self-care. Connect […]


62: Seven Generations Ahead

Janet Reyes is a Mexican-American first-gen Speech Pathologist Graduate Student, who proves that it’s NEVER too late to go back to school. She is part of an interdisciplinary mobile outreach team that provides, oral health education, resources, and more to the local community.  Janet is an advocate for cultural and linguistic diversity in academia and […]


61: Empowered, Balanced, and Centered

Dr. Danica Harris is a therapist and co-owner of private practice in Dallas, TX called Empowered Healing Dallas. She runs the Instagram account @theempoweredtherapist where she shares trauma-informed mental health information.  Her journey into the mental health field was not linear or traditional, as she grew up in a working-class family where college was not […]