142: Sis! We Ain’t Gotta Compete

The sad reality about today’s society is that people approach everything with a competitive mindset. What’s even more unfortunate is that this often the stereotype for women of color. If someone else is making moves, you’ll automatically find yourself wanting to outdo them. While this approach might have worked during your school days, it’s not applicable in […]


88: The Power of Mentorship

This week we’re going to try a little something different. Instead of me as the host, I’m going to be the guest! I was featured on the Mentor Select Podcasts hosted by Derrich Phillips. We talked about how mentorship has played an important role in my life, as well as leading with passion and purpose. More ways […]


81: Q&A: 3 Things to Consider as an Aspiring Entrepreneur

​It’s an extra special Thursday because… we are celebrating the end of palindromes week (and it’s my late grandfather’s birthday). This week we will answer another question from one of our fam, Mel, who asks for advice for someone considering entrepreneurship. Here are a few things for you to consider when thinking about moving into entrepreneurship. More […]