Are You Ready Learn, Grow, and Dominate in Every Aspect of Life?

The First-Gen Lounge is the FIRST show of its kind! With close to 100k downloads, and in more than 85 countries, this space has become a safe place and go-to resource for all first-generation college students and graduates around the world!

Come Kick It with Us on Thursdays at 9PM EST!

Here we talk honestly about all things in life and entrepreneurship. You’ll cry. You’ll laugh. You’ll grow… and you’ll be inspired while listening to motivating stories and valuable lessons from first-generation college graduates, who were able to take charge of themselves and make an impact in the world.

In every session, you’re going to get practical strategies for becoming the best version of yourself: realizing your true potential, making an impact, and mastering your life and business. More importantly, here you’ll find a strong community that will encourage you to keep growing each day, as we’re people who break barriers and defy the odds but understand there is still much ahead of us, and we won’t rest until we make all of our dreams come true.


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