Hey there, I’m Dr. Evingerlean D. B. Hudson


…affectionately known as Dr. Eve! I was raised in beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina by a single mother in a low-socioeconomic household, so I quickly learned what it‘s like to go through life with the odds against you. Eventually, I became a first-generation college graduate, earning a Ph.D. at the age of 28.


I have a background in higher education with experiences in both academic and student affairs. Also, I’ve worked at various institution types including public, private, religious, PWI, HBCU, HWS, community college, liberal arts, and R1 across North Carolina, Mississippi, and Kentucky. While my first love and background is in higher education, pursuing my purpose led me to entrepreneurship, so, after years of service in postsecondary education, I decided to switch gears and started a new social entrepreneurial journey. I knew there were people to help, so I just jumped in. Fast forward to today, I’m on a mission to unleash greatness in people.


In fact, as the Founder and Chief Strategist of Evingerlean Worldwide, I’ve been fulfilling this mission and helping people thrive through personal transformation and entrepreneurial development. Also, as an empowerment speaker and author, I’ve proudly touched the lives of thousands of people (a few of my past audiences include The United Negro College Fund, The Ohio State University, 1vyG, and National TRIO Programs). Last but not least, I’m also the host of The First-Gen Lounge, an international podcast that inspires, empowers, and uplifts first-generation college students and graduates. The show has tens of thousands of downloads and has reached more than 60 countries.


Even though I’m proud of all these achievements, it’s all about the people I help, and the community we’re building. That’s what moves me forward… I’m so happy to see inspiring people finally taking charge of their lives and business, because now they have a safe place to go, a community to belong, and they have access to all the strategies to grow in all aspects of their lives. And, the most exciting part is that this is just the beginning. There are so much more to do, so many people to help and inspire… I just can’t wait to keep going.


In my spare time, I enjoy mentoring, reading, traveling, food tasting, cuddling with my chocolate lab (Maxwell Alexander), and adventures with my life partner, Dr. James M. Hudson.


Thanks for being here. Keep pressing forward!



-Dr. Eve