If you need a high-energy, authentic, captivating, and life-changing speaker for your next event, then I would love to be that person for you. My presentations are charged with compassion, motivational stories, and practical strategies to truly help people through their journey to personal transformation and success. As a woman who has defied all the odds myself, I know how to speak to their souls and provide them with all the pieces of information required to achieve their dreams, live a fulfilled life, and make an impact in their communities.


Adulting Doesn’t Have to Suck: Tools for Navigating Life After College!
Mama always said to enjoy being a kid! However, that didn’t stop anyone from having to grow up, and being grown does NOT have to suck. The purpose of this session is to help participants gain clarity about their next steps and create a blueprint to successfully navigate their journey of “adulting,” feel confident about their choices, and have peace of mind.

Breaking Barriers. Pressing Forward: Empowering Students through Education
When it rains, it pours. Raised in a low-socioeconomic and single-parent home. Survivor of abuse. Struggling with weight, anxiety, and depression. First in the family to go to college to a Ph.D. at 28. A talk designed to inspire, uplift, and empower your participants to keep pressing forward in their endeavors and understand the power of education as a vehicle to overcome adversity.

Change Today for Tomorrow: Strategies to Support First-Generation Students
As the growing demographic of students enrolled in postsecondary settings continues to become more diverse, there is a need for institutions of higher education to be actively involved in creating campuses that are inclusive. The purpose of this session is to encourage participants to think more deeply about their role in being a part of communities of higher learning and learn strategies for helping their first-generation students thrive.

First-Gen to Full-Time: Creating a Supportive Environment for First-Generation Graduates in the Workplace 
As first-generation college graduates move into the workforce, they also enter new spaces where their unique characteristics still call for them to have support in their transition. In this session, participants will gain a deeper understanding of first-gen employees and learn strategies to help them be successful in the workplace.

My mission in life is to unleash greatness in people and help them to succeed in their own journeys. I’ve been doing this through a unique approach to speaking, which has earned the affection and ovations of all my audiences. On every stage, I bring with me all my energy, compassion, humor, and real talks to fully transform the life of every attendee.

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It is not often that you meet a resilient spirit so willing to lay bare all emotions and sentiments towards the betterment of those around them. Not only has her personal narrative of endurance touched me; it has inspired me to press forward in my personal pursuits. When Dr. Eve speaks about her experiences to crowds of open-minded people, especially young folks, she’s constantly rewriting her story to include the success of those she inspires.

Dr. Eve has the ability to contain and control a room.  Her delicate phrases of empowerment and encouragement fall softly and effectively on the ears of anyone in said room. She delivers an impactful message and hones in on the things that matter most.

Dr. Eve was truly invested in my vision and the needs of our audience. She was flexible, professional, and maintained a positive attitude every time that we worked together.  Her session was insightful, engaging, and inspiring. Within an hour, she gave our students the tools necessary to achieve their goals and make positive changes in their lives. Dr. Eve’s message was relevant and feedback from the program was overwhelming positive… they LOVED her! She is really a pleasure to work with and watching her connect with the students was magical!